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Successful practices are not built on great orthodontics alone. It takes great team members delivering first-rate customer "patient" services. Cathy will focus on building a game plan with you to produce consistent procedures and protocols for your staff to implement in all aspects of the orthodontic practice based on your needs. In the end when it is time to implement, Cathy will stay by your side monitoring the progress, making recommendations and measuring the results.

Cathy's goal in working with practices is to contribute to the overall enhancement of the practices health, improve productivity and quality of the team members, and increase profitability of the operations. As a result, the practice and team members increase the excellence of service to their patients.

Everyone likes choices...
You choose which services meet your practice needs:

  • In-Office Practice Review, Recommendations, Staff Training & Support
  • Specific Job Function and Staff Training
  • Staff Motivation
  • Speaker for Your "Referring Dental Appreciation Event"
  • Speaker for Lecture Programs

Cathy delivers you choices:
Here is what you can expect from Cathy's expertise and service choices:

  • To contribute to profit of the practice
  • To enhance communication with patients, parents, and referring dentist
  • To improve quality and service to the patients
  • To assist team members in their daily tasks
  • To motivate and improve morale within the practice
  • To improve productivity of team members
  • To increase team member participation in the practice
  • To improve patient satisfaction
  • To add innovation and creativity to your mix
  • To aid in problem solving
  • To assist in research and development
  • To assist with setting priorities and time management

Your Choices for Orthodontic Practice Enhancement Include:

  • Customer Patient Service Practices
  • New Patient Process—Patient Enrollment
  • Recall System—Growth Guidance & Retention
  • Clinical/Chairside Assistant Efficiency
  • Patient Manager System
  • Successful Scheduling & Patient Flow
  • Staff Recruitment, Job Descriptions, Performance Review and Staff Motivation
  • Team Spirit


CHOICES For In-Office Consulting

3-4 Day In-Office Practice Review & Recommendations for Enhancement of Your Practice and Team Based on Your Specific Needs
This review of your practice begins with defining your immediate improvement goals. Recommendations and review of the practice is determined through questionnaires for Doctors and staff, interviews, observation, perception checking, and impartial listening. This is an intensive three-day "fact finding" and in-depth "review-action plan" designed to identify existing needs and give you the tools and resources for success!

Post Initial Visit - On-going practice support
Ongoing practice support based on your desired goals is a combination of on-site visits, follow-up support materials, and telephone and e-mail contacts. Support periods can range from 6 to 12 months depending on your specific goals and desired outcome.


3 Day In-Office: New Patient Process Training Program Manual and CD-ROM
This training covers everything from the initial phone call through the time the patient begins treatment. Developing relationships, using educational tools and setting up financial arrangements are all keys to developing and maintaining a healthy practice. Effective systems and communication training can increase your conversion rate significantly.

Taking into consideration the culture and needs of the individual practice and objectives of the individual practitioner, Cathy will design a customized new patient process. This comprehensive evaluation includes:

  • Development of outstanding customer service practices.
  • Comprehensive review and recommendations on the steps that occur from the initial patient phone call to the patient starting treatment.
  • Recommendation for technology tools to aid in staff and patient education.
  • Development of tools for tracking patients, keeping statistics and using benchmarks for evaluating the New Patient Process.
  • Evaluation and creation of procedures for recall, will call and pending patients.
  • Evaluation and recommendation for all types of materials and correspondence used in the new patient process.
  • Recommendations and development of marketing materials for internal and external programs.
  • Empowerment of staff to set goals, prioritize and implement new procedures.

1 Day In-Office: Incognito Appliance Indirect Bonding for Clinical Efficiency 

This program provides the orthodontist and clinical team members with essential techniques required for successful lingual indirect bonding. The program demonstrates the details and importance of each step, from impression taking to archwire placement. It also provides hands-on training opportunities for participants. Learning in the team's environment promotes effective learning, an evaluation of instrumentation, products and allows the clinical team to ask questions and address their personal needs.

  • Successfully indirect bond 2-4 patients (depending on the number of clinical assistants participating)
  • Understand procedure details through demonstration, discussion and hands-on experience
  • Learn techniques and tips for accurate impressions and digital scans which are critical to the success of a custom appliance
  • Learn how to effectively communicate orthodontist preferences when entering patient's treatment and diagnosis in the Treatment Planning Portal
  • Learn effective isolation techniques including second molars to enable full
  • arch bonding
  • Review critical steps for preparing teeth for bonding
  • Understand the importance of adhesive utilization and proper tray placement/removal
  • Evaluate bonding materials, instrumentation and operatory organization
  • Learn and practice verbal skills on how to utilize lingual custom indirect bonding as a        marketing tool
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